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With over 30,000 employees,WEGO has a wide production chain of over 13 series,800 catagories and 90,000 specifications.

WEGO Statement on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

WEGO continues to closely monitor COVID-19 (coronavirus) developments across the world as well as guidance from the Chinese center for Disease Control and Prevention,the World Health Organization (WHO) and global health officials.We are working vigilantly to protect the health and safety of WEGO employees while also ensuring continued availability of WEGO’s critical health-preserving,life-saving and diagnostic medical devices during this challenging time.

Modular hospital

Environmental protection, reusable for many times, no construction waste Heat insulation, windproof, shockproof, moisture-proof, waterproof, residual current operated protective device, environmental protection, reliability, convenient movement and flexible combination. Modular buildings can be used in office buildings, staff dormitories, hotels, hospitals, warehouses and classrooms.

Detection kit

We have excellent sensitivity and quality, simple step to test with easy interpretation.

Shorter test period with higher performance

A complete set of anti-epidemic products

Wego has the most comprehensive PPE series product line

We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in every process, providing the highest quality PPE range of products and services

Epidemic Prevention News